1 in 3 Mid-South families struggle to provide enough diapers to keep their babies happy, healthy, and dry.

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry collects diapers and monetary donations to purchase diapers from people like you. We then distribute those items to families in need during our monthly distribution events.  We also partner with local social service providers to distribute diapers to families in need that they serve. When families in need go to our partnering agencies for other services - maybe food for the family, job assistance, or child care - they can also receive the gift of your diaper donation. Working together to #enddiaperneed in our community.

Lets make 1 in 3 None in 3


Lack of clean diapers disproportionately affects single family households and low income families. Memphis has a poverty rate of 28.3% and a child poverty rate of 44.3%. Federal programs such as SNAP (Food Stamps) and WIC do not provide access to diapers. Healthy infants can go through 10-12 diapers a day and toddlers can go through 6-8 training pants a day. Licensed daycare providers often require parents to supply diapers. An adequate supply of diapers can cost $150 or more per child per month. Without that childcare parents often can’t go to work or school.Babies cry more often when wearing a wet diaper, which greatly increases the chances of abuse.

1 in 4 families struggle to provide basic needs for their children, and formula is the second most requested item.

Infant Formula provides babies with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. When unable to breastfeed, mothers have to chose formula, which can be expensive.
Powdered formula is the least expensive, followed by concentrated, with ready-to-feed being the most expensive. And specialty formulas (such as soy and hypoallergenic) cost more — sometimes far more — than the basic formulas. During the first year of life, the cost of basic formula can cost a family about $1,500.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the need has doubled and Sweet Cheeks Formula Bank aims to fill that gap. Please donate today to help families in need.